Welcome to Wiltshire’s foremost asbestos removal and surveying company. We are committed to safe working practices and invest in our team accordingly.

We know the worry that asbestos can cause. Wiltshire Asbestos Services provides a one-stop shop catering for all your needs under one roof.

Asbestos isn’t a lot of fun. But people like working with us. Still very much a family firm, we’re known for our friendliness and attention to detail.

We’re here to take the danger and stress out of asbestos removal. We’ll lead you through every step of the process. When all’s said and done, asbestos is best left to the experts.

Demolition Services

We pride ourselves on offering all-in-one solutions to all your asbestos needs, whatever the size and complexity of the job. This is no different when we’re dealing with demolition projects.

Reinstatement Services

Once asbestos has been identified and removed or rendered safe, you’ll want to return to normality, and as quickly as possible. Wiltshire Asbestos will ensure the process is a smooth one.

Asbestos Removal

Discovering asbestos is stressful. You’ll want someone with experience to assess the situation and advise how best to proceed. We’ll be there every step of the way to identify, remove, and dispose of harmful materials.

Asbestos Management

Finding asbestos at any stage of a project raises all sorts of concerns and complications. Then again, the solutions, systems & procedures might be more affordable than you think.

Asbestos Identification

Safe as houses? Not always, sadly. Asbestos of all types was banned in construction in 2000. Put an end to uncertainty. Asbestos isn’t something to worry about so much as act upon.

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